A Closer Look at Gears 5’s Huge 3 Million Player Success; What it Means for Microsoft & Xbox

X Scalper

In the future, gamers will have no idea if a game launched well or not. They’ll know if it’s good or not, that’s for sure, but they won’t really know if it was remotely financially successful: this is already complex information thanks to games-as-service mechanics, microtransactions and the lot, but it’s only going to get more obscured with time.

Gears 5 is a test case for that: for all intents and purposes, it seems to be a huge success. It’s putting up huge numbers, with more than three million players in its first weekend. It’s also got great reviews, and a promising future in multiplayer even if the first weekend had some pretty serious issues. So, in other words, a slam dunk. But Microsoft’s ecosystem is more complicated than it used to be, so this warrants further examination.

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