Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Discusses Studio Acquisitions and Building a “Family;” Teases Secret Games

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AngelicIceDiamond11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

“It was Phil who was axing games and studios 3 years after Mattrick was gone.”

You know why Lion Head went under? Fable Kinect. Fable Kinect was made with pure Kinect influence and was received very poorly and had poor sells. LionHead went bankrupt 4 years later in the middle of Developing Fable Legends. Kinect was all Don’s idea so hes mainly responsible for the shut down of Lionhead, instead of making an new AAA Fable game that would of kept them a float.

“If Phil had better managed Xbox studios they wouldn’t have had to buy up a ton of studios and had 4 years of dry spell and poorly rated games.”

Umm It was Don who should of better managed its studios before Phil took over, Lionhead went under because of Don’s forcing Kinect in its 1st party 7 years before. Should of Opened up new studios years before X1 arrived. Not quit then leave with Phil with a whole mess of a 1st party to clean up amongst other obvious clean ups. Phil had Services problem, Hardware problem (had to send MS engineers just to get Destiny to run at 1080p) and 1st party problem. I would KILL myself if I had his job. Get this Don joined Xbox in 07 but wasn’t fully active until 2010. How is it that after 2010 360 had no games and a horrible X1 reveal? His influence was fully felt.

These things happen years in advance not on the fly. E3 18 on our end looked like they bought them over night but that’s not the case, proof is NT themselves they said they had no plans of a buy out and wanted to remain independent https://www.gamesindustry.b… So it sounds like it took years of discussions to close the deal Who knows how long MS has been talking to NT, PGG, Compulsion, Double Fine etc it could of been years of discussions.

One guy said why did it take Sony so long to acquire Insomniac here’s what I said… it only makes sense.

“But ya know rewrite history and ignore the inconvenient contradictions” There’s no re writing nothing you’re not looking deep enough and only wanna see what you wanna see.

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