Why Sony Interactive Bought ‘Spider-Man’ Maker Insomniac Games

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What changes for Insomniac and your relationship now that they’re under the fold?

For Insomniac themselves, nothing much changes at all. They’re a fantastic studio, they deliver fantastic content. I don’t think anyone will go in there and tell them how to make a game. They certainly got game of their own. I think what Worldwide Studios provides to them is a closer relationship to the innovation — whether it’s in technology or game design that we’re doing here. We’ve got a number of teams with extraordinary talent in game creation. We’re in a place now where all of our teams are trading technology and techniques and innovation across studios to get better and stronger. I think there’s only additive natures to it. There’s nothing there that will change their culture or their ability to deliver the fabulous games they’ve been doing for 20 years

Are you concentrating on existing IP or the creation of new IP with Insomniac?

All the studios at Worldwide Studios manage their franchise plans and manage their IP in a way they see best. Insomniac will be no different in that way. We’ll look at what they walk into the fold with. If they have ideas around new game concepts, which every team does, we will look forward with great anticipation to what the future brings

this in itself is why sony as a publisher is great. kojima and bluepoint to follow along with some japanese studios that be announced at TGS/PSX

BTW shawn let me make it easy Insomniac owns the SSOD IP and now you own it. The same applies to outer world for ms even thought take two will be the publisher the developer still own the IP meaning ms does

time to release original SSOD on ps4 and see how easily it will sell

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