Why Paralives Is Looking To Be The Sim’s New Rival – GameInformer

X Scalper

From GameInformer: “Paralives is an upcoming indie life simulation that is shaping up to be the first worthy alternative to The Sims. Players build their dream house, create characters, and manage their lives with as few limitations as possible. Imagine houses that can be square or curved, stairs leading to anywhere in any direction, and curtains or tablecloths available in a variety of colors. Whether you are in your car, on a bike, or riding horseback, you can explore an open world full of family, friends, and foes. Similar to the houses you build, the relationships in your town are a direct result of your actions. It doesn’t take long to figure out why many from The Sims community are keeping an eye out for Paralives. With the base game set to include dogs, cats, horses, cars, weather, and even boats all of which are customizable, it’s no wonder the title has drawn some interest. ”

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