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WOOSTER — Wayne County has joined The Facebook.

The Wayne County commissioners are improving their public communication, starting with joining popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The county also added a public communications specialist to share information about county programs, events and other activities involving the commissioners.

“So many citizens of Wayne County are not aware of all that is being done on their behalf in county-wide departments. It is our hope to get such information out to the public featuring stories and interviews from each of these departments,” Commissioner Sue Smail said.

Commissioner Ron Amstutz added, “County government is a collection of services that touch families’ lives in so many ways that range from addressing the consequences of addiction to assistance with plugging into the workforce.”

Social media will play a large part in promoting these items but the commissioners anticipate extending their messaging through radio, cable, print and other sources available to the county. Each platform may be used to share different things depending on its capabilities. The accounts can be found by searching “Wayne County OH Government.”

“This is a brand new concept and we are not necessarily limiting certain articles to certain outlets although the nature of the different articles may determine which media platform best suits that particular information,” Smail said.

The other county departments and agencies, such as the Wayne County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, will continue to operate their social media accounts separately. They also will maintain their own websites which can all be found on the county’s website under the tab “Agencies & Departments.”

“I don’t believe that it is our goal to have every agency on social media but to give every agency the opportunity to utilize our resources if they wish to do so,” Smail said.

The commissioners passed a resolution on Wednesday requesting the new domain name: waynecountyoh.gov. The new domain name will be used for the Wayne County Board of Elections website but the specific URL has not been determined, according to Wayne County BOE director Julie Leathers.

The Wayne County Board of Elections will be getting a new domain name as part of the Secretary of State’s cybersecurity directive issued in June 2019. Currently, the BOE uses the URL (website address), www.votewayne.org.

Under the directive, each board of elections much us a domain name ending in .gov or .us. All email addresses used to conduct board of elections official business must also end in .gov or .us. No board of elections’ member, director, deputy director, or employee is permitted to use an email address from an email service provider or internet service provider to conduct board of elections official business.

— Reporter Emily Morgan can be reached at 330-287-1632 or emorgan@the-daily-record.com.

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