WATCH: Video game and social media post spark more fights at Central High School, LRSD says | KLRT

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For a second day in a row, Central High School officials in Little Rock are investigating two separate fights, all recorded and shared on social media, that happened on campus.

The Little Rock School District confirms two fights happened Tuesday. One of the fights stems over a video game and the second fight involved six girls over a social media post.

“As you might imagine, social media/cell phones are a huge problem for schools,” says Central High School Principal Nancy Rousseau in a voicemail to parents Tuesday. “Safety and Security as well as School Resource Officers immediately responded.”

Like Tuesday’s fight, video of Monday’s brawl had been shared on social media.

We also identified the student who posted the videos that were initially shared numerous times throughout our city. That student will face disciplinary action,” says Rousseau.

Rousseau says unlawful use of a camera or other electronic recording devices are in violation of the student handbook. She says the district is also required to notify police.

“Parents, please visit with your children about the appropriate use of social media. We really need your partnership in helping us to monitor your children’s social media usage,” she says.

“LRSD’s Safety and Security team is aware of the incidents at Central over the last couple of days. We are working closely with the Little Rock Police Department, as well as Principal Nancy Rousseau and the Central High administration, to address any concerns. As always, student and staff safety are our utmost priority,” says LRSD Director of Safety and Security Ron Self.

LRSD did not want to go on camera to discuss what’s being done to prevent fights from happening but in an e-mail the district provided the following:

“It is LRSD’s goal to be proactive by providing effective interventions. Some of the systems we have in place to positively impact behavior as well as academic success include:

Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIS)
Restorative Justice
Student-based Intervention Teams
Access to School Counselors
Access to Mental Health Agencies

Of the hundreds of students who attend Central every day, the majority attend class and obey the rules, as demonstrated by the school’s stellar reputation for student achievement. We work daily to provide a positive culture and climate for students and to ensure they are connected to caring, nurturing adults.”

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