The Waylanders is the time-travelling RPG that you need in 2020 | GamesRadar

X Scalper


Inspired by Dragon Age, but you’ll be cultivating love and friendships across time periods.

As you traverse the winding paths leading to a village steeped in earthy hues, you’ll immediately be struck with what The Waylanders is: a high-fantasy RPG conceived and constructed by some of the brightest talent in the games industry. After all, the Waylanders’ team includes Mike Laidlaw of BioWare fame as a creative consultant, while ex-Telltale narrative designer Emily Grace Buck spearheads the game’s writing department. In the last week or so, Chris Avellone, who has worked on behemoth franchises like Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, and Divinity, joined the team alongside veteran Fallout and Dragon Age composer Inon Zur.

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