The TSA Has Banned Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottles

X Scalper

Those who visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge should not plan on taking home one particular collectible, at least if their trip home involves a flight in the United States.

Galaxy’s Edge recently opened in both Anaheim’s Disneyland and Orlando’s Disney World resorts and brought with it a whole slew of new and exciting Star Wars merch for fans. You can build your own droids and craft your own unique lightsaber while you wander the streets of Batuu, a brand-new Star Wars planet made for the theme park lands exclusively. Of course, at some point in your journey, you’re bound to get thirsty–but don’t worry, Batuu has that covered, too: Coke products are for sale all throughout the planet, but they don’t break the land’s “immersion.” You won’t find any cans or regular looking bottles here; instead, your soda will come to you in a spherical “thermal detonator” bottle, with all the labels written in Aurebesh, one of Star Wars’ many alien languages.

The detonator Coke bottles became wildly popular even before Galaxy’s Edge was open to the public, so it’s no surprise that fans have wanted to take them home. But, unfortunately, for those who made the trip to a Disney resort with a flight, taking your souvenirs with you just got a lot harder. The TSA has banned them from both carry-on and checked bags.

The reason? No replica or inert explosive devices are allowed on planes–not even ones from a galaxy far, far away.

It’s unclear whether or not Disney will find a way to circumvent this issue for fans traveling to parks with other purchase options. As it stands right now, the only way to get your hands on the detonator Coke bottles is to pick them up in person from Batuu or to hand over a pretty penny on Ebay.

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