The RadRunner is part cargo e-bike, part moped, and all fun

X Scalper

“Life is about the journey, not the destination.” So said someone who clearly never tried to get around Manhattan during rush hour.

There are myriad ways to navigate this city, but they’re rarely enjoyable. Like most New Yorkers, I don’t own a car. I’m lucky to work from home, but I go to meetings and run time-sensitive errands frequently. The subways are crowded and oft-delayed, walking will only get you so far, and cabs are expensive polluters. Carshare services like car2go aren’t much better.

The most consistent way of getting around the city quickly is almost certainly on two wheels. But though I’ve thought about braving the bike lane for years, bikes never seemed to have quite the utility I sought. I’d want to arrive at meetings across boroughs without being a sweaty mess, I’d need to carry heavy packages to couriers, and I might occasionally bring a passenger along for the ride.

Credit: Rad Power Bikes