The Microsoft Surface Go with maximum storage is nearly $100 off on Amazon

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Amazon is offering the Microsoft Surface Go tablet with the maximum storage available for almost $100 off in a Deal of the Day.

The 10-inch Windows tablet is a favorite of ours, bringing ultra-mobile and budget-strapped customers a much more fitting version of the Surface tablet. In fact, we gave the tablet 4.5 stars and our ‘Recommended’ award.

However, it’s important to note that this Surface Go deal does not include the Microsoft Type Cover ($129) nor does it include the Surface Pen ($99). Collectively, getting the complete Surface Go experience will cost an additional $230, roughly speaking.

This is, unfortunately, par for the course for Microsoft Surface products and has been for a few years now. Ultimately, with this deal, you could get the Surface Go in this configuration for just $615. In comparison to the $779 this complete setup would cost you normally – albeit with 4GB more RAM – you’re saving $165 altogether.

We bring all of this up, rather than simply tell you that the tablet is 100 bucks off, because the Surface Go isn’t really a complete product without at least that Type Cover. Regardless, this is the cheapest the Surface Go with 128GB of storage is likely to be between now and Black Friday.

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