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New strides have been taken to ensure the safety of the Texas Tech campus. 

The university was ranked as one of the 100 safest college campuses in the United States, according to a Tech news release. Several plans and additions to campus security have been implemented.  

The Campus Automated Safety and Security committee was formed in 2017 to create actionable plans to monitor campus, according to a Tech news release. In 2018, the security cameras on campus were updated and additional security cameras were installed at random locations. 

In addition, the quantity of license-plate readers, which are used to monitor traffic on campus, has increased, according to the news release. License-plate readers can help the Tech Police Department locate vehicles of interest.  

The TTPD has also added to their staff, which increased police presence across campus, according to the news release.  

Building alarm systems have also been updated, according to the news release. Student, faculty and staff, among others, are more quickly and easily notified of a fire within the building or serious weather conditions via an updated PA system. 

In addition, several streets have been shut down to protect pedestrian students.  

Recently, 15th Street between Akron Avenue and University Avenue has been permanently closed, according to the news release. During the day, when most students are on campus, 15th Street between Detroit Avenue and Boston Avenue is closed. 

In addition, according to the release, the R-13 parking lot was extended, limiting access from traffic.

These improvements, along with the TechAlert system, provide a more secure place for learning and living, according to the news release. Tech officials are constantly looking at ways to improve security on campus. 

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