Social media trends ‘akin to election period’

X Scalper

According to Khoury, conversations on social media were again dominated by politics.


President Cyril Ramaphosa topped the charts with the #RamaphosaLeaks, dropping the public protector to the third position.


The public spat between the ruling party and opposition parties played out at the National Assembly on Thursday where Ramaphosa appeared for a question-and-answer session.


Ramaphosa was asked about the CR17 campaign after leaked emails from the campaign revealed that some ministers and deputy ministers reportedly received payments from the campaign.


‘It almost feels like we’re in the election period the way the opposition and the ruling party are publicly tearing chunks out of each other. While they’re making headlines, the country is frustrated by the lack of moving forward,” says Koury.


“We almost seem to be making promises and the we sort of forget about what was tabled on the bill and South Africa also angry about that one.”

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