Social Media Freelance Gig Marketplace Opening Soon at Communal

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Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace will open soon to provide help for Social Media Marketers, allowing small and mid-sized companies a high level of specialized support and services for their social media needs at a low cost. If you can provided social media services and would like to grow with us, we would like your support– especially if you can contribute to any of these key social media marketing needs:

  • Ad deployment and review
  • Social Media/Social Media Influencer Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Location based Marketing
  • Social Media + Client Account Lead
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Specialist (Cryptocurrency)
  • Social Media PR Corporate Communications Manager Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Social Media/Online Reputation Manager
  • US Brands Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social media Advertising Buyer
  • And more…

The world market for Social Media is expected to see growth close to 14.1%,  (compound growth rate: CAGR), that is about 28 times faster than the US economy.

The follow are key market growth rates for Advertising on Social Media:

Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace

4.7%  Ad Spend
14.3%  Location Based Marketing
43.2% Influencer Marketing

If you have an expertise and background in social media that you can provide for small and medium sized companies, and you want more customers, this is an opportunity for experts like you. Come grow with us!

We are providing an open exchange platform with 24/7 services. We are based in the US with a large and growing US readership and we would like to provide them with a higher level of services. We provide US-based, middleperson services to ensure professionalism, a exchange of services with a high level of security, as well as the collecting and distributing of the funds. We will make sure you are properly compensated for your skills along with providing satisfactory support to the customer.  This gives you more time to focus on providing your services and using your social media craft– leaving the operational side to us– hopefully allowing both of us fast growth on a rewarding platform.

We provide you with constant exposure to potential customers! Our freelance gig service is integrated into Communal News, a news and blog site that is closing in on one million online visitors per year. We added a whopping 300% increase in visitors in just the last three months alone. We are seeing robust growth in news viewership across all our metrics. In time, our Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace will be integrated systemwide into our Communal News, Market Research, and Blog services. Our goal is to offer higher quality, valuable, and authentic services for our readers.

Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace

At Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace we charge the lowest fee of any gig platform that we are aware of– only 14%.  Most platforms charge 20% plus they have additional services fees. Our very low-cost service allows you to pocket a savings of over 40%– money that a small business person (like you) might enjoy.

Partner with Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace and we will provide you with free digital news, marketing, and social media. So why not be one of the first to try our open new platform? If you want to grow, we want companies that will grow with us.

Signing up takes about the same amount of time as a Craigslist add. Who knows, over time this might significantly increase your business. We hope we can make a little difference and that’s why we decide to create our new service.

So, social media, buyers influencers, location advertisers…this is a new and growing opportunity for you and us. Hopefully we can both succeed together (communally!), at a lower cost and with higher levels of online service.

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