Shoot zombies, robots and more in the best Oculus Quest shooting games

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The Oculus Quest is practically built for shooting games. Its support for two Touch Controllers and lack of wires or external hardware make it an excellent device for dodging bullets and firing at enemies. The Oculus Store has several titles that take advantage of this setup, ranging from post-apocalyptic zombie shooters to robot mauling mayhem.

★ Featured favorite

Robo Recall: Unplugged

Robo Recall is a chaotic shooter where you have to “shut down” robots that have gone haywire. And by “shut down” I mean shoot, blast apart with a shotgun, or rip to pieces. You can block bullets with guns, blow robots apart, and rip a robot’s head off and use its body as a weapon in this insane shooter.

$30 at Oculus Store


Space Pirate Trainer

Staff pick

Space Pirate Trainer feels like an immersive VR version of Space Invaders mixed with a classic arcade shooter. You stand still and defend yourself from waves of enemies.

$15 at Oculus Store

Matrix VR

Superhot VR

This isn’t a traditional fast-paced shooter. Instead, it’s a slow-motion world where you can dodge bullets and plan your attack strategy to take out every enemy before getting hit.

$25 at Oculus Store

Bow vs bot

Apex Construct

Rather than shooting guns, this game gives you a bow and arrow to battle robots. In addition to combat, it makes you solve puzzles as part of a story where you’re the last human on the planet.

$20 at Oculus Store

Western styles

Dead and Buried II

This western shooter lets you duel-wield classic firearms or use a slew of other weapons to shoot up the wild west. It supports online multiplayer mode and can fill games with bots to make sure you don’t have to wait for your next match.

$20 at Oculus Store

Hack and slash

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

This title lets you shoot zombies with guns, or maim them with axes, bats, and several other melee weapons. It’s a great game to get out some aggression against the undead.

$15 at Oculus Store

Shoot’em up

Gun Club VR

This shooter has a wide range of guns that you can use in firing ranges, shooting galleries, and several other environments. You can customize your weapons with scopes, stocks, and more.

$15 at Oculus Store

Multiplayer fun

Rec Room

Rec Room has a wide range of games you can play with people online, but one of the most fun is paintball. You can run around or teleport your way through games of capture the flag using paintball pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

Free at Oculus Store

Samurai combat

Sairento VR

Sairento VR was a highly anticipated addition to the Oculus Quest. Set in a reimagined futuristic Japan, you use slow-motion combat, quadruple jumps, and wall running to maneuver around enemies.

$15 at Oculus Store

Ready, aim, fire!

The Oculus Quest has a wide range of shooters. You can play less violent shooting games like paintball within Rec Room or blow off zombies’ limbs in games like Dead and Buried II. The Touch Controllers track well enough that you can accurately aim at opponents and their triggers make it natural to shoot down your enemies.

The first shooting game I’d recommend on the Oculus Quest is Robo Recall: Unplugged. It’s a frantic shooter that lets you rip robots apart and blow machines up with shotguns and other weapons. It’s incredible on the Oculus Quest because you can spin around and fight enemies freely. The controls are also natural, allowing you to reload and switch guns from virtual holsters on your hip and back.

Another great title is Space Pirate Trainer. It feels like an immersive version of space invaders mixed with a classic arcade. It’s an excellent display of the Oculus Quest’s abilities as a shooting VR system and a great game to show your friends.

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