Samsung’s Note 10+ has the best camera and display, say DxOMark and DisplayMate

X Scalper

The Galaxy Note 10 may not have quite the hardware lead over the competition as its predecessors did, but that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t putting out a quality product. Case in point: two test labs, DxOMark and DisplayMate, doled out their highest ratings so far for the Note 10’s camera system and display, respectively.

On DxOMark, the Note 10 scored a 113 total score for the primary camera, just barely nudging ahead of the 112 achieved by Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung‘s own S10 5G.

(Well, technically the Note 10+ 5G, but the results should be indicative of the family’s performance.)

Things get a bit messier when you look at the score breakdown though. The Note lags a notch behind the P30 Pro in the Photo category (118 vs 119), but pulls ahead thanks to its improved video performance (101 vs 97).

Credit: DxOMark