Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal: Open box for just $630

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal August 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might be the Sammy flagship on everyone’s minds right now, but don’t forget about the flagship from earlier this year! Right now, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal that could save you some serious cash.

If you head over to eBay, you can find a listing from a trusted seller (99.4 percent positive feedback) for a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal that could save you up to $670. Granted, the devices are considered “open-box,” but if you’re OK with that, this deal is a no-brainer.

Usually, when you find high-end devices such as this at steep discounts, it usually means you’re getting the global version of the device. In the case of the Galaxy S10 Plus, that would mean an Exynos processor rather than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. However, that is not the case here! This deal is for the U.S. version of the smartphone with the Snapdragon on board.

You can choose between several different color and storage combos with the listing. The lowest price available is the 128GB model in black which will cost you just $630, a $370 savings off the $1,000 list price for the same model.

This Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal also includes a 512GB model for just $760 (or $490 off list) and a 1TB model for $930 (or $670 off list). However, the high-storage models have a very limited selection at the moment and will likely sell out quickly.

Ready to buy an open-box U.S. variant of the Galaxy S10 Plus? Click the button below!

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