Rogers named Social Media Specialist of the Year at the 2019 Hashie awards

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Newton’s Community Marketing Manager Danielle Rogers was named Social Media Specialist of the Year — Silver during the 2019 Hashie Awards. This was the first year Rogers was nominated for the award. The City of Newton also received third place honors for its use of video.

The City of Newton’s Community Marketing Manager Danielle Rogers knows how to use social media to its full potential. 

Last week during the annual Hashie Awards, both Rogers and the city were recognized for her efforts. In its sixth year, this is the first time both Rogers and the City of Newton were entered into the contest. The Hashie Awards were distributed in a ceremony Aug. 22 at Jasper Winery in Des Moines. The purpose of the awards is to allow the Social Media Club Des Moines a way to recognize Iowa businesses, organizations and agencies who have demonstrated excellence in social media marketing. 

Rogers received individual recognition being named Social Media Specialist of the Year — Silver. The award recognizes a young professional who has demonstrated excellence in social media marketing and has positively influenced the social media community. 

“It’s an incredibly humbling accomplishment to be named Social Media Professional of the Year from the Social Media Club in Des Moines. Social media is a hard field as it is; social media in government is complex and challenging. To be recognized for my time, talent and skills makes a huge difference,” Rogers said. 

The City of Newton received a third place award in the Best Use of Video category, finishing behind Strategic America and Rackhouse Whiskey Club – New Tribe Media. The city was recognized for its social media video campaign which featured two 30-second videos across multiple media platforms. 

“The first focuses on choosing Newton a place to live and work and the second video focuses on tourism in Newton and showcases attractions in our community. We ran some regional television commercials with these videos but complemented that with a social media campaign,” Rogers said. 

With the emergence of multiple social media platforms, it has become a powerful tool for any marketing team. Rogers recognizes it as a tool to communicate messages directly to an audience. 

“I think that’s especially true for local government; as we are trying to reach a variety of audiences and be as transparent as possible. Social media is an important and effective tool because there are very few of us who don’t use it to gain information throughout the day.”

In her role as the community marketing manager, it is Rogers’ job to showcase the City of Newton across all media platforms. With the social media element, it allows city officials and citizens to be connected and more engaged in the community and the attractions Newton has to offer. 

“The same could be said for a business, if you want to engage with your customers and understand what they want, a presence on social media is important,” Rogers said.

The Hashie Awards highlight the efforts being put forth by Rogers and city staff to make Newton a visible presence. The recognition is another great way to highlight the work that goes into these market strategies. But Rogers isn’t done, the awards merely add fuel to the fire to continue to find ways to incorporate social media in her marketing tool box. 

“I’ve been working on some ideas for more video content for social media,” Rogers said. “Whether that’s some animation or Facebook LIVE videos, I’m not sure yet. I’m also working with other City departments, such as the Newton Fire Department and Newton Police Department, with their social media because they’ve got some specific messages they want to share in the months to come.”

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