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X Scalper

Pure PlayStation: Ooh wee where do I start with Black Desert. It’s a huge MMORPG. A huge, detailed, and sometimes overwhelming MMORPG from the start. To the point where I can say I feel like a fish out of water, even with the likes of Neverwinter, DC Universe Online, Skyforge, Tera, Warframe, and Trove under my belt. Even a sentence I saw in the server chat sums this up nicely: “I’ve played Black Desert on all three systems and I still need to use Youtube.” Depending on who you are as a player what I’ve mentioned already can be both good and/or bad. Black Desert is absolutely a time sink, a second life kind of experience to get the most out of it. One of those titles that doesn’t truly open up until you’re dozens of hours in to it. Now this may very well scare some gamers away just like taxes, because hey…those are here too. But I’m getting the feeling that a grand adventure still awaits me after ten or so hours completed. Even if these initial impressions of Black Desert on PS4 are riddled with technical messes.

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