Power of social media brings unexpected community help to Broome County Humane Society

X Scalper

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Broome County Humane Society is currently benefiting from the power of social media.

This past Thursday, the Humane Society made a post on Facebook, detailing their urgent need for supplies and canned food, and they say the community support has been well beyond what they expected.

The post was shared on Facebook over 800 times, with good samaritans stepping up to show their support.

Within 48 hours, they filled their storage entirely, even having a surplus of food leftover, which they donated to Catholic Charities to spread throughout the community where it’s needed.

The shelter says their supply shortage was caused by a huge influx of dogs — almost filling the shelter completely.

“We had maybe three kennels empty, in the whole building. a lot of the time that happens in the summer because a lot of people want to rehome their dogs so we just had a crazy influx and we used all the food that we had,” said Kennel Attendant Sarah Hadlock.

The Humane Shelter will also be holding a clear the shelter event on august 17 where all senior pets in the building — cats or dogs — will be free to adopt.

Ways to help out the Humane Shelter can be found on their website.

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