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The Big Data eBook Bundle

You might be interested to learn that lists data scientist as the number one best job of 2019. With a median base salary of $108,000 and average job satisfaction of 4.3 out of five, it’s understandable why it ranks so high.

It’s safe to say that working with big data can yield big returns. If you want to break into this fast-growing and lucrative field, the beginner-friendly Big Data eBook Bundle can give you the perfect grounding.

Through 10 learning kits, you’ll receive comprehensive training in different methodologies on how to handle big data. Right now, you can sign up for whatever price you want.

The Big Data eBook Bundle:

Pay What You Want The Big Data eBook Bundle

The total value of this bundle is over $500, but as we mentioned earlier, it’s on a pay what you want promotion right now.

Here’s how it works: You bid the price you want for the Big Data eBook Bundle. If it’s higher than the visible average — about $10 at the time of writing — you’ll get the entire thing and be ready to start learning immediately.

Say you want to pay only $1, you’ll still walk away with both the Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python eBook and the Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics eBook. That’s some value.

The average price is only going to get harder to beat as more people pile in. Hit the button below to find out more.

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