Oyster Bay supervisor is censoring critics on social

X Scalper

The Oyster Bay town supervisor is accused of censoring his critics on social media, but his spokesperson says that’s not the case.

Democratic candidates and some residents in the Town of Oyster Bay claim Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino has deleted some comments on his town supervisor Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the town supervisor told News 12 in a statement, “No one is banned from the page, no comments are deleted and anyone suggesting otherwise deleted their own comment or is lying to sensationalize a story two months before Election Day.”

The New York City Liberties Union sent a letter to Saladino earlier this week, urging him to stop silencing critics on social media.

News 12 asked Saladino to do an on-camera interview about these social media claims, but he declined.

“We are committed to having an open and healthy dialogue about our successes in the town of Oyster Bay, and no one is excluded from expressing their viewpoint,” said the spokesperson for the town supervisor.

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