Over 100 GameStop Employees Laid Off, Including Members Of Game Informer Editorial

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GameStop has announced that over a hundred employees have been laid off. These job cuts hit multiple divisions throughout the company, ranging from corporate headquarters to Game Informer magazine.

“As part of the previously announced GameStop Reboot initiative to transform our business for the future and improve our financial performance, we can confirm a workforce reduction was implemented impacting more than 120 corporate staff positions, representing approximately 14% of our total associate base at our company headquarters as well as at some other offices,” GameStop wrote in a statement to GameSpot.

The Reboot initiative was implemented after GameStop failed to sell itself in 2018, though the company has continued to struggle in the growing digital gaming market. The company has put a greater emphasis on used games and pop culture collectibles sales, but both seem to only be slowing GameStop’s descent, not stopping it.

“While these changes are difficult, they were necessary to reduce costs and better align the organization with our efforts to optimize the business to meet our future objectives and success factors,” the statement concluded. “We recognize that this is a difficult day for our company and particularly for those associates impacted. We appreciate their dedication and service to GameStop and are committed to supporting them during this time of transition.”

Unfortunately for several members of the Game Informer staff, the layoffs impacted them as well. Of the 19 full-time members on the editorial team, seven have announced on Twitter that they have been laid off–managing editor Matt Bertz, senior editor Imran Khan, senior associate editor Kyle Hilliard, senior associate editor Jeff Marchiafava, associate editor Suriel Vazquez, associate editor Elise Favis, and associate editor Javy Gwaltney. If you’re looking for talented writers and editors to join your staff, consider reaching out. All seven deserve to continue doing what they did for Game Informer.

“I am trying to get things right with my people,” Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara tweeted. “I love Game Informer, its people and its readers more than any corporation could, and I will address all the issues when I can, but for now I need to focus on my GI family.”

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