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Rajesh Janey is Senior Vice President — Global Alliances at Dell Technologies. He moved into this role in May and works closely with Dell’s current leaders to build a true alliances community in India across the entire organization. As the first ever senior executive based in India for Global Alliances, Janey spearheads both the business and technical executive relationships and drives general governance across all partners in India. He spoke to Mint on the sidelines of the 4th edition of Global Alliances Heroes Partner Summit in New Delhi. Edited excerpts:

Tell us something about Global Alliances and your role.

Global Alliances works with partners or alliances like cloud service providers, Systems Integrators, Strategic Outsourcers to deliver transformational and managed solutions both on and off premise. We support them with resources and business growth. My role is to interface with these technology and alliance partners in India at a leadership level and work with the team which is in India. Most of these companies have a large presence in India for their solution architects, for their design teams and even senior executives so that is the reason for building out this team and that is my role.

My key responsibility is how Dell Technology can be a partner of choice for our alliance partners. World over, customers are looking at transformation, engage with customers on a strategic basis and not on purely what is called transactional basis and, therefore, our job becomes show the vision of Dell Technologies and how we will we enable customers journeys of digital transformation and work with these partners so that they also see this vision and align their efforts around our technologies.

What are the ingredients of digital transformation ?

We have analysed that our customers across the globe which our ahead of the digital journey have four common threads. Each of these innovators have led with first transforming their IT, so they are looking at agile, scalable and efficient IT, the 2nd piece is that they are investing and giving the best technology to their people, as the new workforce comes into picture they are looking at latest technology, the third piece is that security and privacy seems to be of paramount importance, so our partners want to build or deploy something which has security inbuilt, and the fourth piece is application, so most of these companies are also building applications that are customer-facing and agile. So there are these four common threads across the world, the only thing is the size of the markets varies.

What strengths does Dell bring to its Alliance Partners?

Our vision is to be the number one infrastructure provider. We have infrastructure like virtualization, pivotal, agile app development platform, security services, virtual stream. However, our customer may wants to look across stitching all these solutions together so this is what we enable our partners with the breadth of offerings.

The second piece is customers also at times want to consume this as a service, they don’t want to own the asset so that is where these partners bring in their strength. So Dell brings to the table the breadth of portfolio and the solution sets which are aligned to customers digital journey. What partners do is translate this into a consumable model which is right for the customer, so it is a relationship which is very important. These alliances are what we call transformation where we bring in hosting services, total outsourcing, strategic outsourcing, so they value add a lot of things around our technology and bring a solution. Given the breadth our portfolio, the customer expectation of the solutions sides, this is a marriage made in heaven and that is why if you see there has been unprecedented growth. Our global revenue from Alliance Partners is $11.1 Billion in FY19 with 580 plus team member across 27 countries working with Alliance Partners. Our top partners in India include HCL, Tata, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, and Cognizant.

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Aug 25, 2019 17:17 IST

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