December 3, 2020

OnePlus promises at least 3 years of Android TV updates on upcoming OnePlus TV

X Scalper

There have been rumors of a OnePlus TV for ages, but now it’s really, finally about to happen. The company has been dropping tidbits of info since confirming the device earlier this month. We’re used to the company’s phone getting good update support, and CEO Pete Lau says we can expect the same from the TV. The Android TV platform will get updates for “at least three years.”

OnePlus is pushing the “fast and smooth” angle for its TV, claiming that its close partnership with Google will allow it to optimize Android TV to a higher degree. It’s not like OnePlus has a lot of competition. Sony makes some HDTVs with Android TV pre-loaded, and then there are devices like the JBL Link Bar and NVIDIA SHIELD. And honestly, the SHIELD is the only Android TV device of consequence right now.

NVIDIA has done a magnificent job keeping the SHIELD TV updated, but OnePlus might give it a run for its money with the OnePlus TV. This is OP’s first TV and the heart of its “OnePlus IoT ecosystem.” Three years of updates would be great, but the TV might end up with even longer support.

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