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Nysa Devgn, daughter of Bollywood’s power couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol, has often made headlines but for all the wrong reasons. The teen is almost always the target of social media trolls who have a field day at her expense. Be it her style choices or her casual appearances around town, trolls can’t seem to give this girl a break.

The internet seems almost unforgiving towards the bright-eyed teen, who for no fault of hers, is put under constant nagging and heightened scrutiny on the very platform that helped build some of the new talents in the industry.

Let’s take a look at a side of Nysa we don’t often hear much about:

Nysa is more than what meets the eye

All of 16 years old, Nysa is one star-kid who has maintained her distance from the harsh and glaring limelight. With no plans to venture into Bollywood any time soon, the beauty has been pursuing her studies at a prestigious school in Singapore. Proud parents Ajay and Kajol were more than happy to gush about their baby girl making grown-up decisions and expressing her desire to complete her higher studies before considering a possible Bollywood break.

different from other star-kids
While most star-kids her age are lining up by the numbers for their big Bollywood debut, Nysa, according to father Ajay Devgn, seems to have no inclination towards films at the moment. The beauty, who has been studying hard abroad, has always maintained a low profile when in town and follows the same on social media. Although she has a number of fan-clubs to her credit, she, unlike the other star-kids, prefers privacy over publicity and only has a select few who she keeps close, even on the gram. Interestingly, this girl is not the one to blend in with the glitzy crowd nor is she the one to attend those B-town parties that make it to every gossip column.

Nysa’s close equation with parents Ajay and Kajol

Nysa shares a very close equation with her superstar parents and the proof is in their many comments about her. Ajay and Kajol once said that they were glad she picked a college in Singapore as it wasn’t too far from home. The doting parents are often seen shuttling between Mumbai and Singapore, just to spend some free time with their little girl. Not to forget, brother Yug doesn’t seem to mind the frequent travels back and forth as he is often seen with a big smile on his face at the airport.

Fun-loving personality

Like any teen enjoying life to the fullest, there are only a handful of Nysa’s photos which give us a sneak-peek of her life. When not enjoying dinner dates with friends or cheering for her favourite sports team, Nysa’s fun-loving personality shines through when seen goofing around with her gal pals and family.

She’s got the travel bug in her

We may not see Nysa at many Bollywood parties, but the teen is quite a travel enthusiast. The beauty is often seen heading out on exotic getaways with her family over her summer and winter school breaks. When not working on her tan along some pristine beaches, she is seen taking in the mountainscapes and even touring the city streets with her family by her side.

Photo courtesy: Nysa Devgn fan club and Kajol’s Instagram

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