New Leak Reveals Apex Legends May Get Crypto And An Anti-Titan Weapon In Season 3

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With the end of the limited-time Iron Crown event, the second season of Apex Legends has officially begun to wind down. Respawn has already confirmed every new season will bring with it a new Legend, weapon, and map change. Thanks to a leak, we may now know the first two. And new items have already started appearing in King’s Canyon that hint at the battle royale’s upcoming map change.

Reddit user Teves3D posted leaked images of Apex Legends Season 3’s new Legend and weapon–both supposedly revealed by EA at a GameStop managers meeting. As theorized based off hints from Apex Legends Season 2 reveal trailer, the new Legend is supposedly the hacker, Crypto. The new weapon is revealed to be the Charge Rifle.

According to Apex Legends dataminer That1MiningGuy and reported by Dexerto, Crypto’s rumored tactical skill summons a controllable drone that can remotely open doors, loot bins, and pick up teammates’ respawn banners. His passive skill supposedly allows him and his teammates to see and mark targets via the drone, and his ultimate sends out an EMP pulse from the drone that does shield damage and slows enemies–similar to Wattson’s Perimeter Security tactical.

The Charge Rifle is from both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. The powerful laser cannon is actually used for damaging Titans, making this the first anti-Titan weapon to be added to Apex Legends. In the Titanfall games, the Charge Rifle is slow to fire but it has the longest range of any anti-Titan weapon and it deals a tremendous amount of damage. Respawn hasn’t made drastic changes to any of the other Titanfall firearms that are also in Apex Legends, so it’s probable that the Charge Rifle will be the same–operating as a powerful sniper rifle-like gun.

Whether the Charge Rifle is added as a standard energy weapon, like the Havoc, or a Legendary supply crate weapon, like the L-Star, remains to be revealed. I’d assume the former, simply because a Legendary supply crate sniper, the Kraber, already exists and the Charge Rifle is distinct enough to have a different use from the energy ammo-using sniper Triple Take.

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In terms of map changes, Reddit user FrozenFroh has noticed construction flags at the base camp in Shattered Forest, behind Hydro Dam. FrozenFroh believes these flags hint at Wraith’s Town Takeover–a datamined map change that will supposedly go live at the end of September and transform the designated area into an underground compound that fleshes out the interdimensional skirmisher’s lore and backstory. It’s supposedly a small change, like the Octane-themed adjustment to the settlement outside Thunderdome at the start of the Iron Crown event.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Respawn has not confirmed any of this. Perhaps Crypto and the Charge Rifle are coming to Apex Legends but at a later date instead of the start of Season 3. Wraith’s Town Takeover might not be the scheduled map change for Season 3 either, and simply be the last piece of new content before the end of Season 2. Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough as Season 3 is scheduled to begin at the start of October.

Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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