Netflix’s New Mobster Movie From Martin Scorsese Has An Epic Runtime

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Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese’s new mobster movie, The Irishman, is a very long film. It’s been reported that the movie will run for a whopping 3 hours and 30 minutes.

That makes it Scorsese’s longest movie ever, according to IndieWire. At 210 minutes, The Irishman is longer than Wolf of Wall Street (180 minutes), Casino (178 minutes), Gangs of New York (167 minutes) and Goodfellas (147 minutes).

The runtime for The Irishman comes from the movie’s New York Film Festival page, which notes that the length is subject to change. Given the movie doesn’t officially release until the end of November, it is possible that the runtime may change. The movie premieres at the NYFF on September 27, before having a limited theatrical run starting on November 1. It then widely premieres on Netflix on November 27.

The Irishman is based on the Charles Brandt book “I Heard You Paint Houses.” The film stars Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran, who returns from World War II and joins the mob as a hitman.

Al Pacino plays the union boss Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Joe Pesci, who along with De Niro starred in Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Casino, also appears in The Irishman.

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