Madison County parents concerned after social media post about school district hack

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The Facebook post of a former Huntsville school board member has grabbed the attention of many parents.

Pam Hill’s post Thursday warns that an Alabama school system was hacked. She said in the post parent, teacher and student information was stolen. She also said the ransom was paid. Hill won’t say which school system was hacked.

Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools and Madison City Schools all said they weren’t hacked.

WAAY 31 called Hill about the post and she said it wasn’t in the area, but she wouldn’t say what district was impacted.

Huntsville City School Board Member Elisa Ferrell said she checked with Huntsville City School Superintendent Christie Finley and learned there was no attack on the district’s information. Ferrell also said they called the state board of education and learned no cyber attacks have been reported by a school district in the state this month.

Madison County Schools said after a hack in South Alabama in July that delayed a district’s start date three times, the county’s school system had its own protection software to prevent attacks from happening. They teach their students and staff how to recognize a phishing attack so they don’t become susceptible.

Madison City Schools also held special meetings about cyber safety prior to school starting to make sure they were prepared. Huntsville City Schools told WAAY 31 there are safeguards to protect the system that would prevent it from being hacked.

No parents felt comfortable talking about the potential of hackers getting a hold of their students information as well as their own. As of Thursday evening, no one was able to confirm a system in Alabama was recently attacked.

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