Kojima Says He Didn’t Want to Make Linear Games After Experiencing The Phantom Pain’s Open World

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Fluttershy771h ago(Edited 50m ago)

I like the game too. I spent a lot of hours (for me at least), maybe 30/40/50?… didn’t get S ranks in everything (I really don’t see the point); I remember thinking that it was quite awesome at times, but by the end the whole experience became sour… Yeah the story is quite stupd so I agree with most people, but I think it had more to do with the game itself: everything looked the same, and basically you end up doing the same stuff almost in the same way (although you have a lot of freedom… the game fails in making you feel that you are finding your own way, so what’s the point?)…In good games you have an “in crescendo” feeling, but in MGSV like each mission was super awesome, with 100 of guards and machines, and by the end I was like “Again?!!”
I enjoyed the game, but I cannot see me going back to it, ever (but I replay linear games like MGS2 and 3 from time to time and still love them, and still find new things to do)… Again When I think of it I just feel disappointment.
I hope we don’t get the same kind of Open World with Death Stranding.

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