Highlights from Monterey Car Week

X Scalper

The 20-year-old Italian brand unveiled its $3.4 million Huayra Roadster BC first to video game fans — virtually — before it was shown off during Monterey Car Week. The car debuted in “CSR Racing 2,” which lets players drag race a stable of over 150 meticulously rendered vehicles. It’s the top-grossing mobile racing game in the U.S.

The specifications for the new car are even more extreme than the existing Huayra BC, a 789-hp twin-turbo V12 coupe. The just-released open-top version sports an all-new 800-hp V-12 engine called the Pagani V12, the first made by longtime supplier Mercedes-AMG to carry the Pagani name.

“We are the only company that has the official engine produced and developed for us,” Pagani said. “It’s years of development and a lot of effort and sacrifice from them and from us.”

And where the Huayra BC coupe was sold as production run of only 20 units at $2.55 million apiece, the roadster version will be expanded to reach a production of twice that — 40 models sold for roughly a million dollars more a pop.

At just 2,755 pounds, the rear-wheel-drive Roadster BC is nearly as light as its predecessor, the 2,700-pound Huayra BC. Considering that a simple Ferrari California tops 3,700 pounds, it’s a near-record weigh-in for a car of this speed and power.

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