Here are the best retro console revivals

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The PlayStation Classic console is certainly fun, but we feel like it’s missing a trick. Sony could’ve followed in Nintendo’s footsteps by releasing a populist’s retro console, one that had the undisputed best games of the era like Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 8 and 9 or Tomb Raider. 

But that’s not the PlayStation Classic. 

It doesn’t include the majority of the console’s greatest hits and instead opts for some cult classics like Persona and Jumping Flash among a few well-received titles. Using Sony’s retro console is therefore a lot less like walking down memory lane, an experience we had with the SNES Classic and NES Classic Mini, and a lot more like a sample platter of what the PlayStation had to offer 20-some-odd years ago. 

Of course, some people might develop a real attachment to games like Destruction Derby, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Intelligent Qube – and if that’s you, then the PlayStation Classic is going to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a retro console. 

If not, however, then you’ll be disappointed with the game selection, unimpressed by the lackluster interface and forced to watch, often in horror, as late ’90s FMVs are brought to life like Frankenstein’s Monster on your 4K or 1080p TV.

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