GenCyber cyber security training camp comes to Michigan Tech.

X Scalper

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Michigan Tech hosted a cyber security training camp for Michigan teachers this week.

The focus of the camp was to give these teachers the cyber security training they need for their own personal use, as well as knowledge to take back and teach their own students.

The teachers we’re taught basics of cyber security as well as simple hacking skills.

“We teach how to hack systems, or how to break into different systems, in order to teach cyber security to the individuals. With that we need to have a strong ethical background in order to make sure that the tools that we’re providing to these individuals don’t actually become a malicious tool,” said Tim Van Wagner, the Lead Instructor for the GenCyber camp.

The GenCyber camp is part of a national education program with camps occurring across the nation.

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