Gears 5 Will Be Game of the Year 2019

X Scalper

Atom66643m ago

I’m seeing plenty to think it has a good chance of being nominated. From last year’s reveal to the stuff from yesterday, it all looks very solid. Remember, Gears 2 and 3 were in the discussion for many of the awards for graphics, story (yes the dude-bro shooter had a good story), and MP. I think it’s a safe bet that 5 will likely grab some awards. Going up against GTAIV, MGS4, and then Skyrim was tough for 2 and 3 (great for gamers though).

As for GOTY? Maybe… It’s safe to assume that we know who is getting the VGA award, but for the remaining outlets, the best chance it has is a lack of competition this year. I could see the nominees coming down to Sekiro, DMC, RE2, Gears, COD, and Death Stranding. If we’re being honest, any or all of those last 3 games have a chance to under deliver.

We’ll have to see how and if these fall heavy-hitters come together. It’s shaping up to be another 2014 in my mind, butI think it’s clearly Death Stranding’s to lose.

Regardless, I suspect award time this year will be a fanboy-fueled nightmare.

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