Galion High School student faces discipline after stupid social media post

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GALION — A Galion High School student is facing discipline after an incident Thursday at the school that involved a post on social media.

“A high school student posted a message that was a concern to us,” said Galion superintendent Jim Grubbs. “Another student reported it to our staff and we immediately looked into the situation.”

Grubbs said it quickly became apparent that the ‘threat’ was a hoax.

It was determined that one student made a post. It concerned an alleged threat by a second student. A third student notified staff about the message on social media.

“This was just after 11 a.m.,” Grubbs said. “We investigated and determined there was no immediate threat to students. It was a false, made-up post and the student will be disciplined. It was a hoax.”

There was no lockdown at the school.

“There was no need. There was no real threat,” Grubbs said.

He didn’t comment on why the post was made.

Once it was determined what happened, Grubbs used the school district’s all-call program to notify parents of the incident.

“My message to parents is to talk to the kids about the dangers of doing something like this on social media,” he said. “Sometimes kids just do stupid things. They do not think about consequences.

“I also wanted them to know that there is no danger. It is safe to come to school.”

Grubbs said Galion’s school resource officer filed a report and it will be up to the Crawford County prosecutor as to whether charges will be filed against the student who made the post.

Quick investigation determinesno immediate threat; parentsnotified and school stayed open

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