May 26, 2020

Forced log-in no longer required] Bethesda just released DOOM and DOOM II on the Play Store

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In celebration of DOOM’s 25th anniversary, Bethesda has released official ports for DOOM and DOOM II on the Google Play Store. Each title is available for $4.99, and since they are both premium releases, you won’t have to worry about any advertisements or in-app purchases.

DOOM gameplay trailer

Above you can view the official DOOM mobile gameplay trailer. As you can see the game contains all of the classic first-person shooting action expected of the title, and since this is a 25th-anniversary release, it includes the fourth expansion Thy Flesh Consumed. It’s the complete package folks, and it’s finally available on Android as an official release.


DOOM II gameplay trailer

Next up is the trailer for DOOM II, and much like its predecessor, it brings along additional content in celebration of DOOM’s 25th anniversary. This means the twenty community-created Master Levels come with the purchase. The game also brings local 4-player multiplayer and co-op, for those of you that prefer to play an FPS with a few friends.


DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3 release trailer

Honestly, I’m shocked that it has taken Bethesda this long to bring official ports for DOOM and DOOM II to Android, but now that they are here, it’s finally time to jump into some classic FPS action to blast a few demons in the face with your trusty shotgun. Thanks to these two releases, I now know what I’ll be playing this weekend.

DOOM and DOOM II on the Google Play Store. At the time of release, it was unknown that these new versions were built with Unity, and thanks to this change Bethesda apparently broke the log-in system for both titles which resulted in users being forced to log-in with a Bethesda account just to play each game. As you can imagine, fans were not pleased with this situation, and so Bethesda officially announced on Saturday that the company is working on a fix. We still don’t know when this fix will land, though it’s comforting to know that Bethesda is working on it. Stay tuned for further details as they arise.

New button in the left corner that allows players to skip the sign-in process

At the tail end of July Bethesda announced that it would fix a forced sign-in issue concerning its first-person shooters DOOM and DOOM II. Before today you had to sign in with a Bethesda account if you wanted to play either game on Android, but it looks like the studio has finally dropped an update for both titles that now allows players to skip the sign-in process. While it would appear that this change may not be permanent, a better solution should be coming in the future. For now, you can skip the sign-in by clicking on the little “Later” button in the left-hand corner of the sign-in section the first time you boot up either game. So if you’ve been waiting for this change to start blasting a few demons in the face, now’s your chance to get in on the fun.

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