Federal Gov’t Recommends Thermostat Temps and Social Media Users Go Wild

X Scalper

The federal government has now officially entered The Twilight Zone, or what’s more commonly referred to as “The battle of the thermostat.”

Energy Star, a federal program from the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, recently said the coolest you should keep your home is 78 degrees when you’re home.

When you’re at work or away, the program recommends setting it at 85 degrees. When you’re sleeping, Energy Star said to set the thermostat at 82 degrees.

The US Department of Energy also recommends keeping your house at 78 degrees but also endorses the use of ceiling fans. 

Back in 2017, Fox News busted five myths about cooling one’s home. One of the top myths they examined was about fans. Fans don’t cool a room. They only make you feel cooler.

Some social media users are having a lot of fun answering tweets from television stations like the one above. Some seem to recall President Ronald Reagan’s now-famous quote – the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

One user responded to the tweet: “Yeah…NO.” 

Another user responded:
“This is heresy. The proper temperatures for the thermostat are as follows:

  • Home: 72 degrees F
  • Away: who cares, you’re not home
  • At night: below 70 degrees F

Anybody who disagrees hates puppies, babies, ice cream, only owns one bath towel, & is probably a terrorist too. 

And one user who identifies herself as “Queen Mom” wrote: “Only a psychopath would set their thermostat above 75 degrees, #fact

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