Fat burning festival commence! Get the Xiaomi AMAZEFIT watch for $63

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I used to often avoid any activity because of lack of motivation. However, smartwatches helped me gamify that process, and now I genuinely look forward to completing my daily step goal.

Apple Watch (which has $50 off on Amazon right now) is pretty much the best smartwatch you can get. But, if you’re using an Android phone or don’t want to spend too much when you’re trying to start your fitness journey, you have few options.

Thankfully, Xiaomi’s AMAZEFIT smartwatch is on sale for just $62.99, down from $82.20. This entry-level lightweight watch has a 1.28-inch square screen. Its IP68 certification makes it waterproof and dustproof – ideal for tough weather or generally rough conditions.

It has an in-built heart rate monitor to keep track of your steps, exercise, and calories burnt. Plus, the AMAZEFIT has GPN and GLONASS support, so you can track your runs pretty easily.

The watch has a long-lasting battery of 45 days, so you won’t have to worry about charging it.

Don’t wait for long. Get the Xiaomi AMAZEFIT smartwatch for just $62.99 ($19 off).

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Published August 30, 2019 — 11:43 UTC


ProductAMAZEFIT Smartwatch by Xiaomi

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