Ensuring kids’ social media posts don’t harm future job prospects

X Scalper

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Social media has become a big part of our lives.

If younger generations aren’t taught the repercussions of what they post, it could harm their reputation and ability to get a job.

The Better Business Bureau said parents should keep a close eye on what their child is posting online and ask them if their future employer were to search them online, how concerned would they be?

Officials said it’s important for children to keep their social media private and only accept people they know.

They said it’s important to talk to your children about the potential impact a post can have on their future.

Memorial High School Principal David Oldenberg said it’s not uncommon for employers to search you on social media before deciding to hire you.

“I will look on social media for candidates that we’re considering for employment here, just to see what you see,” Oldenberg said. “That is something that does happen. While it might not be typical, [it] is a practice that more and more folks are engaging in.”

Oldenberg said they offer classes that touch on social media and how it can impact your future.

Officials said social media can be a good thing, especially if you post your accomplishments and photos of you volunteering at events.

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