Dynasty Warriors Developer Koei Tecmo Teases New Game Reveal During PAX West

X Scalper

Koei Tecmo has teased a new game announcement for August 30, the same day PAX West opens its doors. The trailer doesn’t reveal any significant details, but all signs point to an enhanced version of 2018’s Warriors Orochi 4 being in development at Omega Force.

The sneak peek shows snippets of cutscenes from the most recent Warriors Orochi title, and Koei Tecmo is rather fond of re-releasing games in both the Warriors Orochi and Dynasty Warriors‘ series. A page on Amazon Japan that has since been removed lends further credence to these suspicions, with a listing for a PS4 version of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate appearing on the store. The product description mentioned a new story, new side scenarios, new game modes, and additional playable characters including Gaia and the return of earlier playable characters such as Joan of Arc, who was previously in Warriors Orochi 3.

We’ll know more on Friday when Koei Tecmo unveils its latest game.

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