September 29, 2020

DJI’s most flexible Osmo Mobile gimbal yet features a swinging elbow joint

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If you’re a budding filmmaker or just want a way to capture your vacation or kid’s soccer game without your jittery hands ruining the shot, smartphone gimbals are the way to go these days. DJI’s series of gimbals opened up access to this longtime Hollywood workhorse for smoothing moves out. Now, the company is back with version 3 of its Osmo Mobile — more foldable and more affordable than ever.

The Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizes devices on three axes of movement in both portrait and landscape orientations, just like the old Osmo Mobile and Osmo Mobile 2 did to an extent, but with a new design, it’s able to swing by its elbow joint for more flexibility — we’re pretty much talking about the Osmo Mobile’s widest ranges of movement yet — and fold up into a more compact package for carrying. It’s also the lightest an Osmo’s been at just 400 grams.

The new DJI Mimo app enables a few new tricks such as digital zoom right from the Osmo’s throttle and face-tracking for focus and centering. Plus, with Bluetooth 5, the Osmo Mobile 3 is likely going to last as long as its predecessor at 15 hours a cycle with its slightly smaller 2,450mAh battery. It supports 10W charging via USB-C.

DJI Mimo
DJI Mimo

The Osmo Mobile 3 costs $119 — $10 less than the Osmo Mobile 2 — though an extra $20 will get you a tripod and carrying case.  You can buy one today at the link below.

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