Disney World’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride: Name And Details Revealed At D23

X Scalper

Disney World in Orlando is getting its very own Guardians of the Galaxy ride as an answer to Disneyland’s Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout in Disney’s California Adventure–and it won’t be a re-skin of an already existing attraction.

During the presentation at Disney’s D23 Expo, the first details were revealed, including the name and story. A high-speed indoor roller coaster, Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind will take park guests from Earth to Xandar and back in a ship belonging to the Nova Corps. The ride starts in the “Galaxarium” (think planetarium, but, you know, for a galaxy) where guests will be invited to board a Nova ship to get a look at Earth from space.

Unfortunately–as things are wont to do when the Guardians are involved–something goes terribly wrong, and chaos ensues.

The coaster will feature the first-ever “reverse launch into space,” so brace yourselves for some backward thrills.

The ride will function as a sort of satellite area, tying into the story of the Avengers Campus lands coming to both Anaheim and Paris. While Orlando will not be getting a full-fledged Marvel-themed land (that we know of yet, at least), Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is featured on the map of Avengers attractions featured on the D23 Expo show floor.


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