Death Stranding Introduces Characters “Mama” and “Deadman” in New Trailers

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DaDrunkenJester57m ago(Edited 54m ago)

I already explained the differences, and I was never one to defend RDR2’s tedious at times mechanics. So if we are calling out RDR2, why are we clapping and applauding what we just saw here which seemed to me much more intrusive. How is stopping your game to cradle your crying baby with motion controls going to be fun when the baby will cry if you run to fast for too long or take damage? The horse is literally seconds to sooth if it freaks out and you don’t need to stop and use some tacked on motion control gimmick. As far as resting and sleeping, sure RDR2 had that, but it didn’t have you pissing or stopping to heal injuries and such.

If we are going to complain about these things in one game, but not do so in the other then that is just silly. But really it all comes down to how much this is balanced, how often is fatigue, how often do you need to pee, is there a way to turn off the motion control gimmick? I’m still waiting on an actual gameplay reveal because this trolling trailer was a terrible presentation of it.

On topic for this video – I love the characters in this game. They seem very well thought out and written for… but when is it too much? I feel like they are spoiling a lot of the characters intro’s. People are saying they don’t want gameplay spoilers, but they are literally spoiling all the characters opening cutscenes it seems.

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