CyberRisk Alliance acquires Cybersecurity Collaborative establishing its Peer Council Business Platform

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New York, NY, August 19, 2019 — CyberRisk Alliance (“CRA”),
a business intelligence company serving the cybersecurity and information risk
management marketplace, has acquired Cybersecurity Collaborative, a peer
council platform for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other
senior-level security executives from Stuart Cohen, the company’s founder and
CEO. Stuart will continue to lead the business as its chief executive.

Cybersecurity Collaborative is a private, member-only peer
council that facilitates collaboration among the senior most security leaders
of large corporations, government agencies and municipalities, healthcare
institutions, academia and non-profit organizations. The company was organized
in December 2017 by a group of industry leading CISOs seeking a private, secure
environment to share skills, knowledge and experiences on security and IT
challenges. By leveraging the platform, member CISOs strengthen the security
readiness and defense of their respective organizations, as well as help expand
the knowledge of the broader cybersecurity community. The company plans to
introduce a new membership council for small-to-medium-businesses and
non-profit organizations with small IT teams and limited resources. This new
membership platform was validated though extensive research and a successful
beta program. It will provide its membership with timely content, guidance and
access to seasoned security and IT professionals, among other services.

Further elucidating the many benefits of being part of the
Cybersecurity Collaborative community, members gain access to a confidential
member-only portal for peer networking and collaboration; daily security report
and critical updates; CISO-led SWAT teams and peer task forces; and a content
library with a searchable database of proven policies and guides written by the
foremost authorities and practitioners. The company also hosts regional
meetings for existing and prospective members.

The transaction represents another acquisition in a rapid
series of investments by CyberRisk Alliance as it continues to execute its
aggressive strategy to serve the cybersecurity and information risk management
marketplace with a unique and diverse portfolio of business intelligence
services comprised of market-leading brands.

CyberRisk Alliance has quickly established itself among the
top business intelligence resources to this vitally important community.
Earlier this month the company announced the acquisition of SC Media, building
on a succession of acquisitions that began with Infosec World Conference and
Expo in February of this year. In April, CRA completed an investment in the
CyberSecurity Collaboration Forum, a series of regional invitation-only events,
founded by Bob Dethlefs and based in Portland, Oregon. As part of that
arrangement, Dethlefs, who also founded Evanta in 2003, joined CRA’s board as
its chairman.

“Cybersecurity Collaborative represents another key
investment and an essential component of our platform strategy to serve this
fast-growing industry with strong resource demands,” said CyberRisk Alliance
CEO and founder, Doug Manoni. “We’re privileged to partner with Stuart Cohen
and his team with their deep understanding of the community and their ability
to support this exclusive and valued service to the community. We’re eager to
work with Stuart and build on his impressive accomplishments by adding
additional capabilities to the membership offering and expanding into new
market segments.”

Stuart Cohen, chief executive officer of Cybersecurity
Collaborative, added: “We are excited to join the CyberRisk Alliance portfolio
of companies. This merger will significantly enhance the current benefits of
our confidential peer collaboration with access to an enhanced service
offering, solely focused on CISOs and their security teams, with a mission of
strengthening member organizations and making them safer.”

“We must harness the combined insights, expertise, and best
practices across the Fortune 500 CISO community to truly achieve maximum
security readiness. This merger increases the collective knowledge available to
business, government, education, and healthcare leaders and has an immediate
impact on our ability to mitigate risk and reduce cyberattacks,” said CyberRisk
Alliance chairman Bob Dethlefs. “Stuart Cohen pioneered peer-to-peer CISO
collaboration and helped drive the open-source movement to where it is today.
He is an industry legend, and we’re fortunate to have him join our team.”

“Cybersecurity Collaborative enriches CRA’s valuable service
offering to CISOs and their teams, and we’re excited about our strategy to
invest in the accelerated development of the business.” said Scott Peters,
co-founder of Growth Catalyst Partners, the equity firm partnering with Manoni
on the launch of CyberRisk Alliance. “It’s great to bring Stuart back into
partnership with Bob Dethlefs, having witnessed firsthand their success with

About Cybersecurity Collaborative

Cybersecurity Collaborative is the only private, secure and
confidential cross-industry network of CISOs and security executives dedicated
to peer collaboration. This forum provides a safe environment to share skills,
knowledge and experiences on security and IT challenges with the primary
objective of strengthening the security readiness and defense of each member
organization, and the knowledge of the cybersecurity community at large. For
more information, visit

About CyberRisk Alliance

CyberRisk Alliance is a business intelligence company
founded through a partnership between Doug Manoni and Growth Catalyst Partners
in November 2018, and created to serve the high-growth, rapidly evolving
cybersecurity and information risk management marketplace. The company is
comprised of a diversified portfolio of business information products and
services with a shared mission of informing, educating and training business
professionals, while building community and facilitating industry commerce. The
company is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy through a combination of
organic product development and a series of highly targeted acquisitions and
partnerships – bringing together leading brands – and it is led by a
collaborative and highly accomplished team of entrepreneurs, operators and
investors. In addition to Cybersecurity Collaborative, the company’s portfolio
currently includes SC Media, InfoSec World Conference and Expo, the Security
Leadership Exchanges, and CyberSecurity Collaboration Forums. For more
information, visit

About Growth Catalyst Partners

Growth Catalyst Partners (“GCP”) is a lower-middle
market private equity firm focused on information, marketing and tech-enabled
services businesses. GCP’s strategy involves targeting growth segments of
industries and identifying market leading companies with breakout potential.
GCP partners with top executives within those industries and provides capital
and expertise to the incumbent management teams of the targeted businesses. GCP
was founded by veteran private equity investor Jim TenBroek and leading
investment banker Scott Peters, who have led hundreds of transactions and
successful investments in services businesses for over 20 years. For more
information, visit

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