Cultist Simulator’s Alexis Kennedy Accused of Abusive Behavior by Multiple Women

X Scalper

NecrumOddBoy1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

No claim to whether the story is true or not, but I agree that it’s a scary time in society. The accused have such difficulty defending themselves. If they lash back, GUILTY. If they stay humble, GUILTY. The burden now is on the accused to prove it false and beyond all doubt or else GUILTY. Once the initial story comes out it’s all outrage and a call for blood. Even if or when the accusations are found false, it’s too late and that story never makes the front page. The damage has been done and recovery of credibility is so hard. Denzel Washington said, “the media is all about getting it out fast, no matter who it hurts or if it’s even true. Just say it, sell it!” Think what you want with the Jussie Smollet’s hoax or Harvey Weinstein’s egregious behavior, “sexual crime” and now “racism” accusations are on the rise and it has blown past MeToo/TimesUp and all those other #movements into a dangerous time for people.

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