Cruella: New Image And Details Revealed For Upcoming Disney Movie

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At D23, we learned about plenty about Disney’s upcoming movies, including Jungle Cruise, Star Wars: Episode 9, Marvel’s Black Widow, and more. However, one big surprise came from the details to the 101 Dalmatians prequel. We got to see what Cruella DeVille would look like in the upcoming live-action movie.

Starring Emma Stone as the titular character, those that attended the movies panel on Saturday at the Disney convention learned a bit more about the movie, which won’t hit theaters until 2021, on the 50th anniversary of the animated classic, 101 Dalmatians.

Fans got their first look at Stone from the set, complete with the half-black, half-white hair, which you can see above. In a behind-the-scenes video filmed by Stone for the D23 crowd, she revealed the movie would be set in 1960s London. Stone appeared on screen, discussing the film, while yelling at a poor dog off screen. Emma Thompson, Stone’s co-star in the film, was also mentioned. However, details about her character have yet to be revealed. There have been rumors she’ll be playing Baroness, but as to who or what that character is, no one knows at this time.

We’ll learn more in the upcoming year, but Cruella is still a ways off, as it won’t be released theatrically until May 28, 2021.

D23 was a huge weekend for news, as those in attendance got to see eight minutes of footage of the upcoming Tom Holland/Chris Pretty Pixar movie, Onward. Additionally, we learned a lot more about plenty of Disney+ TV series, including the Star Wars shows The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan. As for Marvel, three new Disney+ TV series were announced at the convention She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel.

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