Control Luck & Probability Puzzle Guide: How To Solve One Of The Game’s Trickiest Puzzles

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Control has a few perplexing puzzles, but one of its trickiest has to be the one found in the Luck & Probability Department. Heck, you might not even know it exists seeing as it doesn’t make itself abundantly clear upon first inspection. Locked behind a Level 5 security door, this optional puzzle demands keen observation skills to crack.

If you’re reading this, chances are your patience has run thin and you need answers. Below you can find a quick outline of how to solve this challenging puzzle. You can also watch the video version of this guide in the player above for further clarification. And if you haven’t already, be sure to read our Control review.

The Solution

Upon investigating the Luck & Probability department, you’ll notice a roulette table in the yellow experiment room adjacent to the office area. When you interact with it, the sprinklers will go off, and a few fire hydrants might explode, but ultimately, nothing happens. You might think nothing of it, but the roulette is a crucial component to solving this puzzle.

Your goal is to get the roulette table to land on seven. However, accomplishing this is determined not by randomly spinning the roulette hoping it’ll eventually fall on seven. Instead, it’s done by manipulating specific lucky objects found in the department.

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The identity of each lucky object is displayed on the whiteboard near the roulette. Each object must be manipulated in specific ways. Here’s what you need to do to each one:

  • Elephant: The Elephant is already in position, so leave it alone.
  • Cat (Maneki-Neko Statue): Find the Maneki-Neko statue on the table around the desk loop and activate it so that its paw moves up and down.
  • Four-Leaf Clover: There’s a white planter with four-leaf clovers on a desk in the office area. Grab one and re-plant it into the white planter by the CRT-monitor in the experiment room.
  • Lightbulbs: Flip all four light switches in the experiment room.
  • Horse Shoe: The Horse Shoe must be facing downward, displaying like an upside-down “U.” There’s technically another Horse Shoe in the room, but don’t pay it any mind as you cannot even interact with it.
  • Bronze Koi Fish: Near the entrance of the department is a bronze Koi Fish statue. Grab it with your launch ability and bring it to the experiment room. Based on the whiteboard, the Koi Fish needs to be two feet from the roulette wheel, but as long as you drop it on the red carpet, you should be good.

Once everything is in order, spin the roulette but make sure to step off the red carpet after doing so. If you’ve followed each step correctly, you’ll be rewarded with an Astral Blip crafting material, two Ability Points, and the Golden Suit.

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