Collier County Public Schools parents fret over teachers social media posts

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Parents are wondering if teachers are allowed to write whatever they want on their personal pages. As we are learning on Tuesday evening, there is a grey area.

The new school year started last week and more parents are concerned about the things their child’s teachers are posting online.

Susanne Rose, who has a child in Collier County Public Schools, said any politically charged posts are not professional.

“When you’re in your own private home, if you tell your friends what you feel that’s a different story,” Rose said. “But I think in public, you should always respect and tolerate someone else’s opinion. But, they should hold back a little bit about what they say.”

Administrative protocols cite “employees should be mindful of the fact that social media sites and blogs are not private.” Rose said she hopes any political beliefs do not follow teachers in their classroom.

“They shouldn’t use social media,” Rose said, “when they know all the students and parents can read it.”

But Jeff Feld, who also has a child in Collier County Public Schools, said it is not fair to a teacher as an individual.

“If someone, such as a teacher, wants to raise any beliefs as long as it’s not brought into the classroom,” Feld said, “I think that’s part of our First Amendment right.”

The school district acknowledges the First Amendment rights that teachers have, but should they violate any code of ethics or board polices, the district would then take action.

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