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CASPER, Wyo. — With social media increasingly prevalent in Casper discussions, the City Council is considering establishing a new social media policy.

City Manager Carter Napier suggested that the proposed policy could be adopted as a resolution, while a proposed new code of ethics would likely be best adopted by ordinance.

City Attorney John Henley said that the policy would be more of a guideline as drafted and passing it by resolution may be sufficient since he didn’t think of it as establishing strict legal consequences for violations.

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Casper Mayor Charlie Powell asked whether the council thought there may be scenarios where violations of the social media policy would be such a bog problem that substantial consequences should be administered.

If so, he said council may want to consider adding reference to the social media policy in their proposed code of ethics.

Council discussed issues of free speech, asking whether the policy would limit that in any way.

The council said that they’d like to adopt the policy by resolution once it was ready to be brought up for a vote.

Napier suggested the city could seek public feedback on the proposed policy. Council agreed that is something they would like to do.

City Attorney John Henley was asked to prepare a draft that would combine the following proposed social media policy with the social media policy for city employees.

Those documents are as follows:

Courtesy of the City of Casper
Courtesy of the City of Casper
Courtesy of the City of Casper

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