Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for August 26, 2019

X Scalper

“I’m not a regular husband, I’m a cool husband.”

You know who’s thankful for Lara Spencer right now? Prince Andrew. Another royal family-related distraction for him to duck behind. But about Lara: I totally didn’t get the snickering and asides about Play-Doh (Prince George is 6 and may be over that stage). Dance, yoga, meditation, studying classic art and music, poetry, keeping a diary, learning to count in a foreign language– these are not outrageous concepts to introduce in grade 2. Obviously the snickering was related to the gender bias around ballet, because if they said soccer (or football for Big G), the reaction would have been different. Speaking as a parent, of course children should pursue their passions. And if those passions happen to take place inside a warm dance studio at a reasonable hour, rather than a rainy soccer field in November on Sunday morning, I would support that decision wholeheartedly. 

This video has been making the rounds because it’s confounding. What is it? Some kind of deep fried pizza tortilla with dipping sauce and pepperoni. The mayor of Twitter (Chrissy Teigen) has given it her blessing. I remain skeptical. 

Charlize Theron made Forbes 10 Highest Paid Actresses List, which is no surprise. She works a lot and her movies do well at the box office. This is the first photo I’ve seen of one of her children in a very long time (maybe not since back when she was with Sean Penn – remember that?). She lives in LA and manages to keep a low profile for years on end, while still being professionally accessible. And she is one of the very few actresses who has avoided the lure of a lifestyle brand.

Because the news cycle is moving like a hurricane hit by a nuke (seriously, did you see this?), the partnership between Jay-Z and the NFL quickly faded from the headlines. But Diddy has some measured thoughts. 

When the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun stuff was at a frenzy, Kacey Musgraves “liked” Yael Cohen’s post about Taylor (along with Busy Philipps and Courteney Cox). They all quickly “unliked” it because no one wants Swifties writing “stream Lover” on their every Instagram post, forever and ever. There is a possibility that Taylor didn’t know about Kacey’s “like,” but I doubt it. When she drops a bomb like that, she stays in the chaos and knows exactly what is going on. But maybe new-old Taylor doesn’t hold a grudge as she posted this in her stories.


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