Beddi is more than just an intelligent alarm clock

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Whether you love or hate your alarm clock, it’s an absolute necessity for the vast majority of us. We’re not saying today’s deal will drastically change your opinion on that dreaded moment, but it might help the cause.

The Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock isn’t your average wake up call. It’s an alarm clock and a Bluetooth speaker combined into one and is loaded with more than 10 great features.

There’s not much more irritating than the ear-splitting sound of your alarm in the morning. With Beddi, you can swap out the deafening tone for one of your favorite songs on Spotify via Bluetooth.

Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock on desk

You can also download Beddi’s proprietary app to take full control of your alarm settings, auto-time sync, music, and mood lights. For particular sleepers, Beddi is equipped with an integrated white noise generator as well.

Plus, you can use Beddi as a convenient charging hub for your devices. Those that like to stylize their gadgets will also appreciate the option to personalize your Beddi with its changeable speaker cover.

The Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock at a glance:

  • Set alarms using a standard tone or your favorite Spotify playlist.
  • Take control of your alarm, music, and mood lights by downloading the Beddi app.
  • Sleep to white noise and relaxing nature sounds with its white noise generator.
  • Personalize your alarm clock with the changeable speaker cover.
  • Use the USB charging port to charge your smartphone or tablet.

This smart alarm clock typically retails for nearly $50, but this week Tech Deals has slashed that price by 54%. You can pick one up today for just $22.99.

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